About Me

pic by Alex Laporta (RIP my friend)

I was born and raised in Italy and lived there for 39 years.  

I have a diploma in Business Consultant Proficient in Foreign Languages, which I solely pursued for my passion to learn languages and  literature, more than learning accounting and math. 

Once I graduated, I found a job as secretary in a Law Office and that’s been my main job for 14 years. I eventually became office manager with paralegal skills. 

Since the age of 5 and to these days, I’ve had a huge passion for MUSIC. I sang my first song at that age, for my classmates (On My Own by Nikka Costa). 

Once a teenager I’ve had my own bands (I was lead singer), wrote a handful of lyrics and vocal melodies, played few shows and eventually  became -as a secondary job- manager and tour manager of a local Blues Rock band.

I’ve pursued tour managing for 7 years, which led me to travel and exponentially increase my curiosity for other cultures and my love to know, be around and learn…PEOPLE.

This is how I met my american husband, who is a musician whom I met while he was on a European tour and this is what, at the age of 39, led me to the biggest life changing experience I’ve lived so far.

As for what brings me here with you all, it is the desire to share the substantial and diverse package of experiences I have acquired throughout this beautiful journey called life. 

Ahhh life … struggling, scaring, hearth breaking but yet magnificent life! I’ve always loved to write and since my brain constantly “spins” pondering over people, cultures and events that have surrounded, implemented and changed my life, I decided to start writing about it. Pretty much like a songwriter needing to share feelings with a song.

The themes I will “deliver” include authentic Italian home style cooking (food is indeed a life experience to me as well as cultural and educational), travels, relationships and real stories you may relate to or gain advice from.

So join me in this new adventure and I look forward to hearing from your cores!


Erika Price